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Steroid grown heroine
Glorified bonded labour,
Glamorous child labour
Of dream vending tinsel town!
Her mom, her vigilant selfish guardian
Her dad, her wealth’s greedy custodian
Her smile
Her wink
Her walk
Her talk,
Are not her own
Her own contemplation invites her parents’ frown
Deprived of childhood pleasures
Filling parental coffers and treasures
Fatigue of continuous shooting shifts
Star status causing psychosomatic rifts
She remains a money earning machine
Helplessly submitting to the elders’ selfish mission
She maintains numerous bank accounts
But not once, her earnings she counts
The limousine she travels is not in her name
The mansion she lives, bought for her dad’s dame
She lives in a vicious conditional frame
Her life is just a story of concealed tears covered with fame
Wearing a synthetic smile
Gearing for a reluctant glamorous journey for many a mile
The Cuckoo in whose life the autumn arrived early
continues her cine sojourn hurly-burly
Yesterdays cute little girl
Today’s Glamour doll
Acting with aging heroes
Dreaming for unknown morrows
Continues her unenthusiastic stroll
Concealing in her heart, an agonizing pall!