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History pt. Two

This is a going phase
Things happen to change
Every day
But remember that diminutive period of time
When the words spoken to each other
Were like language for mimes
I grew more and more speechless
To a greater extent
My words were meaningless like nickels and dimes
Eventually they will add up
But there never is enough time
To define things like lionize
So I threw them out
I couldn’t think of things to say to you
Other than I am sorry
And that I wanted you
Back to me
Back like it used to be
But see
History has yet to repeat itself
And it is getting harder to control myself
Every day that I go without you
…This is an issue
This is an ongoing phase
Things happen to change
Things don’t happen TO change
They happen for change
It’s strange
I can make an invisible box
But I can’t make it talk
You hold the key
It’s locked