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Falls roar in the background.
A stiff breeze rustles the trees.
We sit side-by-side
Almost touching

Electrical sensuality mounting

I lay down my arm, hand open, palm up
waiting for the hand that comes.
Like a snowflake in my palm, it lands
melts and slowly flowers open.

Pure joy washes over me.

Painted nails drag over my hand
thrusting through creases,
caressing their way up digits,
resting momentarily on the tips.

I close my eyes and hold my breath.

A quick tickle and they slide,
turning clockwise they fall,
(desperately flailing at the sides)
to the pond of my palm.

hyper-ventilating sporadically

Digits rise and skate figure eights,
over and over, again and again
slowly at first, then faster
with mounting urgency, faster still

Out-of-control gasps and stifled moans.

I grab her hard with finger and thumb,
not softly and needy but firm and secure.
I embrace her fingers and squeeze them.
Overpower her and push them down.

Our eyes meet, we are lost, delirious and shaking

I feel her heart race as I slide over her back,
With my fingers hard and stiff.
I quickly jump on, her soft, supple wrist,
my thumb ploughs through it, as deep as it can.

Our foreheads touch, we exchange drunken smiles.

She turns the tables and pushes me down.
Assaults me with all that she has.
Taking my wrists she spins them around,
grinding harder against my head and my hand.

Our thunderous panting now drown out the falls.

I stretch out my digits and snatch-up her hand.
Captured, resigned, she slows down.
Inter-twining hands wringing, we pray
Slowly parting, till, two fingers but touch.

I’m holding my breath, she’s biting her lip.

I push the flower back into a seed.
She gently slides out and covers me,
my hand in a ball, she squeezes tight.
We take turns being strong, we are weak.

Changing positions and changing speed
This goes on forever, we lose track of all time
We are both out of breath and nearly insane
We’ve gone too far, there’s no turning back

Panting, embarrassed, over our shoulders, we look.
Nervously laugh, ridiculous fear.
We are just holding hands.
We’re just holding hands.
Just holding hands.
Holding hands.