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How could you?

Remember that day
The day you messed up
You were texting some girl

Dont pretend you dont know
I read the messages
And dont say its my fault for going threw your phone
You gave it to me you knew what i would do.

When i brought it up….
You lied straight to my face
With out blinking an eye

I caught you in that lie.

What do you think that did to me?
Did it make me not trust you, no i trust you with all my heart
Did it make me sad, hell yes
My heart hurt i felt betryed

Then later you tell me the reason you were talking to her was because you didnt think i loved you and you wanted someone to love you and that girl said she did.

That hurt the WORST!!!
I love you, i loved you then and i love you now
you saying that made me ache from the top of my head down to my toes.
But mainly the pain was in my heart
It throbbed and flamed
it made my stomach go gray

After finding that out….
I STILL trust you
It never left
I STILL love you
My love will never leave
You want to know why?
Because you are my other half and you have my heart

The only thing that makes everything ok now is that i know you love me. I have your heart and you promised me forever.