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Human Flowers

Flying carried by the wings of sunset, in absence of conscience, traveling. Goddess of wind, mother divine, snapped her fingers in front of my face…and then…
I found myself lying on the ground of the unknown. Claustrophobia. I’m capted. Locked in my inner thoughts.
There’s no window. Just walls. Screaming purple walls. Is it just me or they’re trying to ingest me?
How sweet is the smell which spreads around. Burst in my brain. Bare naked squirming bodies, human flowers! May I join this circle of love?
One girl, ebony angel, took my hand and led me to the kingdom of pleasure. “Meander!” she said “Like a snake! Seduce the evil one!”
Jump! Left foot, right foot. Let’s get our hands and souls intertwined.
I’m happy. Is it a dream or new awakening?
Something bothers me. Silhouette turned up in front of me. Stranger, why did you have to find me?
In his hand I’m just worthless. Slave. He separated me from those creatures. “You just don’t want to be normal?!?” he said.
For me, being normal equals taking part in a boring, unimaginative rut. But does anyone even care? My rapture slowly faded away.
He pulled a knife. What is the monster in his phenomenon? Hurt me! I’m not afraid. His fingers went through my hair. Twitching my piles.
I’m screaming. Shaking. Scratching. But the cut is much stronger.
One cut brought me Samson destiny. One cut killed my power. Oh, tears, my loyal friends, it’s time for you to come…