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I Believe, in Him

that light that came
that took you out
it stood for me
before i gave my shout

its a sound to your failure
and the sign of my win
its the call to disaster
for you, and your kith and kin

i pity them, those who came to you
but i pray for them, that they see the truth
i wish they learn, i wish they turn
back to the light, and have u at the noose!

death is what we believe in
but that it only belong for u
cause we believe in the Father, the Son, the H. Spirit
that makes us strive and to be true

this is the choice that’s worth it
we go for the Almighty, the loving one, who gave us life
rather than being your half breed
always used, like the meat slaughtered by the knife

you thought it would be fun,
to see Him on the Cross
but now dont you see,
i know you’re afraid, afraid of my Boss! !

after all, you believe in Him too
then what’s there for us to doubt?
He’s the one we Believe in,
To him, I tie my knot