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Could you really be so blind as not to see
that i am all the woman you could ever need.
From the depths of my soul to the abundance of love i have for you in my heart,i have yearned to be yours completely from the start.
I have been patiently waiting all this time
for your feelings to grow and match mine.

While i was waiting for the change to come i started to recognize the reasons behind the way i love you ,for instance when you talk to me your words touch me like warm breath on the back of my neck,so warm ,so loving,so soft making it continuously easy to get lost in the magic that is you .
I try hard to resist the magic in your voice,but to me it’s like a choir singing hallelujah and i rejoice.
you have the power to make me feel like i can reach the moon and the stars,because with you by my side there are no obstacles in my way
I crave the taste of your lips,
i yearn for the touch of your hand,i love the way you smell and the way you stand.

This is not game,it’s real and true
no one could ever love you the way i do.
I belong to you mind,body,and soul
When it comes to you i lose control
So let me into your heart and mind
I’m not rushing you i know that love takes time
I just wanted you to know