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I Goofed.

Intimacy framed

and hung for all to see

by none other than me

put you to shame,

and I fell off my ladder

hanging our moment

and you allowed me to

hit the cold ground

face first with a smack.

I kiss the ground.

I would have rather kissed your lips

but you can’t trust me

not to tell.

Our hearts aflame

once with passion and desire

until this situation dire

burned them in a different way.

They’re now charred forever

when you look in my eyes

all you see is a liar,

all I see is ice.

And to the man I credit this whole charade to:

Your mouth is as big as mine.

You should have known when I had said

my secret that it should go dead

to you and everything would work out fine.

And I laugh about it with you

but on the inside

I’m stabbing you with knives

as hot as her eyes were

when she found out I had let it slip.

That’s pretty goddamn hot.

Believe me, I know.