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I let her know about my windfall

Yes, I have promised you my Cleopatra.
If I win a lottery,
I take you a long trip around the World in three hundred and sixty five days.
Firstly to the Mount Everest and from there to Venice as you like gondolas.
Then straight away to Egypt as I like boating in the river Nile.
And you may be surprise when you see a Mummy in a Cairo Pyramid.
An old festered king; That resembles me.
Now you believe me darling once I told you that I was a king.
But you thought I was almost drunk.
Hey! I won that lottery but they refused to give money
As I do not posses my own identity.

* Sadly I dedicate this poem to the innocent victims and survivors of Onna.
[The Quake may finish off the fading town Onna where there’s almost been a death in every house.
-News ]

nimal dunuhinga