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“I Thought”

Kimi I thought…
I thought alot
I dont know if they are true or not
But still I thought

I that…that your love is a lie
If that is true I would sigh
And I would not help but die
Good thing, I now know thats not true
Because I know that our love is renewed
Every time you are viewed

I thought…that when you said forever
You really meant never
If that is true
I wouldnt know what to do
I would cry when I hear and see you
I Love that its not true
Because I cant live without you

I thought…that you are with another
If that is true
My heart would give one last flutter
I would only lay in the gutter
Its great that your with me
So that you and I can be

I thought…that this was the end
If that is true
I could never win again
All I would do is sin
Amazing that its not
It was just a stupid though

Kimi I thought
I thought alo
But now I know
That none of my thoughts
Are so.