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“I want to be Yours”

Thank you my precious and wonderful Lord,
Thank you for who you are.
Praise you, my Jesus, my Lord and my King,
I bring you everything.

Praise you the one that I love & adore,
Praise you my treasure for evermore.
Praise you my light you shine in my world,
I give you, everything.

Thank you for the breath, I breathe today,
Thank you for the hope, and the joy that you give.
Thank you for working in my heart, Oh Lord,
My heart is my offering.

I bring to You, Lord every part of me,
Take all of my life, take all of me.
I want to be all that I can, for You Lord,
Accept me, sweet Lord I pray.

Take my decision today, Oh Lord,
To make me and shape me for You.
I surrender my will, for Yours my King,
I sacrifice everything.