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I’d Shoot Them

I’d shoot them.
Every single one of them.
No more would you hear them laughing,
No more would they disrupt the class.
I’d shoot them.
I’ve no mercy on my mind.
No more would they make fun of me,
No more would they push me around.
I’d watch them run,
With the horror’s reflection in their eyes.
Blood spreading throughout their pupils,
Blood soaking their dirty clothes.
The couples, the first years, the boys and the girls.
They all would kneel before me,
Asking to be spared.
I’d shoot them.
No matter how much would they beg,
No matter who they would be.
They would all be killed by me,
Just by a touch of a trigger.
Brown, ginger and blond hair would be
Drenched in the crimson liquid of life.
There would be no casualties,
Just motionless bodies of death.
I’d shoot them.
I’d shoot them all.
Every single one of them.