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im in need of a name for this..

wanna write my passionate words on your lip

with my red permanent ink

dip my pen inside the glass

drain every drop

watch it as it sinks

fill it rush from the bottle

drip drop plop

innocent to this embrace

taking in the look upon your face

our lips dance with just this taste

so quick to never want to erase

this moment soaked in perfection

if only this night

holds our soul searching thoughts tight

what a gift we have been given

this vulnerability swiftly approaching our bodies

afraid to feel this moment

this safe place

you provide for me

are these thoughts granted to me


or a reverie my mind provides

in you this friend i have found

almost ready to confide

touching my face

when our bodies drift into each other like two ships passing in there space

melt in to your arms

the music the people all dissapear

and your just skin to skin

kiss to kiss

this may be the moment

i won’t let myself miss

take me into this silent safe surround

warm fingertips

invite my skin

to softly imagine your lips pressed against mine what a sin

paint my body with your passionate brush

your kiss screams to me of your thirsting lust

intimately cause me to be aware

so fierce I am from this woman I chose not to be

kiss me like our lips

will never meet

two hours more do they have to greet

finish me

but promise to start again