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“I’m Not Perfect”

Thinking to myself
I remember the times we had
Every thought, every word, every action
Did as careful as could be
Because I didnt want to ruin what you are

Kimi you are
I want you to realize that
Looking in your eyes
Its easy to see
Because Kimi the color of your eyes
Makes my heart skip a beat
Erupts my pulse to the top
And makes me want to kiss you lips

Listening to that voice
Is something that fills my soul
The laughter that you have
Puts a smile on my face
That rarely goes away

What is it that makes
You believe not?
You are beautiful
In every single way
How dont you agree?

I re fall for you
Every single second
That feeling will go on forever
Who else can do that
No one but you
None less perfect

Your lips are curved
With a beautimous smile
One that shames the moon and the summer night sky
The feel of them
Makes the world shudder
Because of the icy warmth
That they only give away

The touch of your
Hand on mine
Cannot be described
For the unimaginable love
That I receive from you

You are the one
The one that I know
The one that I love
Kimi you are her
Please dont let it leave
Its all yours
And if its only in my eyes
Let it be
I just want you
The way that you are
The you that I see
Just understand
What I say
When I say


That is what
Is to me
And that is also
What you are to me

That day long ago
I never thought
That we would be
I always thought
You were to good for me
That you would never
Love someone like me
But now you do
That was the first of
Many dreams coming true
I Love you, Kimi…I do
As your perfect too.