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Impaired justice

Lion threw its paw at miserable mountain rat
disregarding the fact that it once saved him from hunter’s net.
Jungle king ordered the mice and conies who are among those voted him to power
to vacate their holes and burrows to accommodate his mighty mansion.
When the aggrieved humble creatures prayed for judicial relief,
The seat of justice declined to intervene, upholding ruler’s privilege of autonomy.
When bears and boars poached into the domain of hares and deers to harass them,
the court rejected the plea for appointment of a commissioner to take note of the gory situation.
The prowling panther filed a caveat petition praying not to pass any ex-parte decree against him without hearing his humble contention.
When wild elephants created a havoc wrecking branches and tree tops in cozy forest,
the averments of nest deprived unfortunate birds were ignored and status quo orders granted favouring pachyderms
The maniac man-eater obtained a stay order on his impending execution filing a mercy petition to dilly-dally the decisive matter
Cunning Jackals relishing on young chicks and cute kids, searched ways and filed class action petitions to safe guard their interests
When ethics are on the fling of stork’s meditation,
Fairness fainted not able to withstand the sultriness of black robes and
Justice suffocated in power starved dark court halls.
All the while the goddess of justice stood motionless
Holding the scales with numb hands since time immemorial
The black cloth tied around her eyes for ages
left her at the risk of acquiring ablepsia
Grieving over all this iniquity she set fire to her own manor
Having second thoughts, she however doused the flames with her tears
Thus she somehow saved the archaic edifice of justice from fall
But weighed down under the burden of procedure codes, penal codes,
countless volumes of statutes and pending case file dockets it faces the imminent threat of crumbling down.
Who will save it from the pranks of ever-inventive lawyer’s gown?