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In your eyes

In your eyes where shadows stray,
by heartbreak they were cast
you look at me through lowered lash,
through shadows of your past,
And when i gently take your hands,
our fingers soft entwine,
I’ll kiss you softly on your cheek
and whisper, girl be mine
I place my fingers on your chin
and gently lift your face,
your dark eyes looking into blue,
you search and find a grace,
I hold your gaze and smile at you,
you smile a soft reply,
I kiss the starlight tears away,
that stumble from your eyes
So warm, your body moulds to me,
you rest your cheek to mine
You whisper words so tenderly,
your words my heart define
I feel the softening of your soul,
as you hold me tighter still
I feel my heartbeat step with yours,
and know it always will.