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He was staring
I was running
one with fits
Another with renal colic.

Still he stares
Got closed to me
I ignored.

There came a chest pain
Old mom ….
“Son…. I cannot bear this”
Tear drop shining
Corner of her eye

Still he stares
loathsome eyes follow me
he folded his arms
pressed to his chest
stood at ease in the middle of ER (Emergency Room).

A baby brought with high fever
it was 40 degrees
“sponge bath …. Suppository….”
Shouted whilst running to old mom…
“Ooooooops ST Elevations ….
Myocardial Infarction
Call the Cardiologist”

“Doc she’s fibrillating”
God ……. CPR! ! !
Call for help! !
200 joules
Everybody clear…
Nobody touch
I’m clear..
Shock! ! !
Continue CPR….

“Sinus rhythm….”
That’s great….

Still he stares…and,
He rushed to me…
Pointed his right index
“Is this emergency? ”
“Yes Sir”
‘I came …minutes ago’.
May I know your complain Sir?
I have a sore throat!

I’m sorry sir
This is Emergency Room