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It Sees No Evil

Look at it,
It looks so scared.
Look at it,
It can’t call for help.
Look at it!
You aren’t looking!
Can’t you feel the urge to help?
A little helpless creature…
All it needs is care.
Lying there motionless.
His black shiny eyes,
losing their sparkle.
Its no evil seeing eyes,
Not seeing anymore.
Look at it!
I demand!
IT demands!
The pre-death reflexes working over-drive,
Making its small body twist in a dance.
Look at it!
Look at its innocent mouth.
It never said no cruel words.
Its mind,
Never thought no ugly thoughts.
So why do you course it under your breath?
Its little life is fading away…
Will it meat its fate in this filthy glass jail?
Or will it be brought around the back,
To die a slow, lonely and painful death?
I shall never know…
I was a coward,
I left.
I have my own life to look after.
And you have yours, to let go…