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Worthless people live only to eat and drink
This is something that they have to rethink
Cause people of worth eat and drink only to live
Cause living life is something that’s not just sportive

None of us have it made and we shall never regret
Living a life of poverty is something you’ll never forget
I understand its problem that brings on a threat
And Jesus walked on water, but he was still getting his feet wet

As for me all I know is that I know nothing
And for me this resulted in a lot of thinking
About how to stay, how to get away from leading
This life that has caused me uncontrollable bleeding

Live, life, love, lust,
Live life; love lust?
No, this is something I cannot trust
This cannot be right, it is time to adjust

Live…defining as I lie
To live happily ever after, theses are lies
That are spoken directly into our eyes
Knowing that, of nothing, makes me wise

Life…we live it but it cannot be defined
And we know that it cannot be resigned
Cause it’s always in play; you can never rewind
And it takes too much time to be something divined

Love…defined to be passion or desire
Toward something that you deeply admire
Although most of the time it always backfires
But when living life, love has to transpire

Lust…defined as an excessive craving
Defined to make you sexually raving,
And thriving to become more loving than hating
Temptation is the feeling that keeps you waiting

He who learns, but does not think is lost
He who thinks, but does not learn is tossed
I hear and I know, I see and I remember
I do and I understand that we will always remember…

…and that is Life.