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Life and Expectation From A Friend

Life and Expectation
You give me life and expectation
To live in this world once again
Your touch gave me energy
To see this world in the midst of love

You pledge me
To hold my hand forever – as true friend
Across the miles faraway ………
To live a ordinary life
And wait for inspiration moment

Today is the day
Constant you disregard me…..
I once more choose my kits
Of pills and rage
To carry my life ahead

Thanks my sweet friend
you show me …….
A bona fide world of loathing…..
Ache ,bitters and several more
Thank you my sweet friend
Live me solitary in this world
With pills and rage
Affliction the touch of your love

I salute you for your sugariness
Of feel affection for your friendship
That you donate to me in sympathy
Act of sweet kisses and
Feelings of deceive of love
My sweet friend i will remember this forever

My friendship was purity and hygienic as my soul
Enlighten me in the refreshment water which
I sanitary my dirty body ……….
Reputation of friendship I have lost
What i did that with the intention you?
Take revenge of my confidence and adore
Towards my sentiment…….

Say goodbye to you ….. SWEET FRIEND
With supplementary …..“you may see me no more“
in your heart I may be not remembered forever ……
As constant you disregard me…..
My abandoned soul will call you each day
Day of dieing i approach once more
to say My Sweet friend I love you thus ……….

Written By Ezna Stephna