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Life’s Choice

Are you taking it for granted, or are you planted, you choose it’s win or loose.
It’s your life, will you strife, or make peace, will you choose good or bad,
It’s your choice, choose.
Will you choose justice or pain, will you give or just gain, it’s your choice win or loose.

When it’s a beautiful day, and all is going well, do you give thanks, do you just take it for granted.
Life is just a space of time, do your best, be kind, your one with a mind,
It’s your choice.

Keep the law at bay, choose to pray, to make a difference in a world of choice.
There’s no other way, but to choose each day your life’s way, don’t go astray.

Keep on track, then you won’t have to answer back, help the fallen one to stand.
Let them choose, you just prove the choice is theirs for feast or famine.

You can eat it all, or share, it’s your choice, choose if you dare, There’s a need will you help,
When you make your choice, that’s who you are but you can choose to be different, the choice is yours, choose.