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Lost Greenery

Why is goodness
So hard to embrace?
It’s like resenting
A pretty face
Brings anxiety
Maybe I think
It will run from me?
It’s easier
To lock the past
In my sore mind
Like moldy mass
That I adore
And can’t let go of
I might be choking
The bleeding dove
The day is pure
So why do I feel
All so unsure
And surreal?
It was revealed
No one cares for me
When I’m beaten down
And pills dare me
The selfish kid
So much wants to care
But the bullies
Won’t turn their glares
My eulogies
Will be incomplete
And no one else
Can ground my feet
The sunflower
Lost greenery
Can it live alone
In reality?
It took three trains
To find my way
Now how do I
Get through the day?
I hope life is worth
The ball and chain
I hope life is worth
Going insane
Let there be a light
Brighter than the ward
Let forgiveness be
Sharper than a sword.