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love letters from….

Opening the envelop to this letter
Dated and signed
By a woman, who I never knew…

It was addressed to me
I felt compelled
To read its contents
My heart raced with anticipation
It was written in Love
So i presumed…

There was a scent of a perfume
And a faded kiss that sealed the letter
As I unfolded the papers
I was cut on the finger
Trickled on the pages
It was quick absorbed as if
The letter knew that it was
A life source
So desperately needed to survive…

The words scribbled on this paper
Seem so distant and frigid
As I too, felt the sensation from the cold
A emptiness fulled my heart
How could she only so casually
Write that in her own hand
I threw the pages to the wind
To be carried off into open space

I could only think…..

Love betrayed once more
Behind a warm embrace are
Hands so ready to plunge a dagger
In your unsuspecting back

Yes, Words cut like razors
Actions prove points
I could give you the world
Expecting nothing in return
But that would be worthless
Since you live off the love of the hopeless