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my venerability strewn across the bed

the intoxicating scent of your sweat covers my body

your passionate embrace engulfs me in your flame

my heat radiates your bones

soft silk my body lay next to yours

calling out ecstasy’s name

you taste of my decadence

not afraid to inhabit my being

the delight that washes over your face

in this moment nothing and no one can replace

this intimate embrace

this private moment we both share

your strong arms hold my frame

your tongue displays how much you care

back and forth like a wave of emotions

i wanna ride this tide forever

you have this hold on me

like an erotic potion

just to see that smile such warmth on your face

i know i should be sheltered in your arms

I love your taste

such desire you spread on me

you warmth makes my body ache

intoxicated by your bliss

your lips deliver such an soft kiss

Don’t want to stop this moment