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Moms, the Angels

Necessity could be
The mother of inventions
But the necessity of my inventions
Would be my mom

From the time I came
I kept no intentions
But to keep me best were her intentions
From my start so small

It wasn’t just for a single day
But for the whole of my life
That she sacrificed her whole life
For me to keep going happy on and on

She wanted me to keep so firm
Even when I didn’t know how to stand
A good job she’s done to have me stand
Is how she’s now taken me this way all along

I’ve grown and now
I see the plight that a mom takes
To see the turn that her child’s life takes
To grow and keep control

I salute them
And all the more adore
To see that its from how they adore
That the world has got the Love in it and grown!