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Mother I love you
And there are many reasons why
The way you help me make the right
Decisions in life. The way you tuck
Me in I know sometimes it seems
Like I don’t appreciate you and I am sorry
Because you’re the only person who does the
Laundry and the only one who can cook.
Just kidding Mother because I can cook too.
But, when you die I will miss you
So much. The way you give me care
When I am sick and there are still
Many reasons why I respect you.
So I will try to help around the house
And I will start actually caring and I hope
You will still make my food and clean
My clothes. Just kidding again.
I will always hope you are there
When I grow up and when I become
A successful man with a family of my own.
I promise I will try to remember your birthday.
I love you and hope you will always remember that
So that you can stop thinking that I do not
Appreciate you.
Because I do.

Trevor Lewis Berryann
June 2009 ©