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Movin’ On

Everyone keeps asking me
how I’m coming along
I fake a grin, dying within
and beam “I’m movin’ on!”

I’ve got so very much to do
I don’t know if I’ll follow through

First wake up late, alone in my bed
and cry with the pillow over my head
In the mirror realize I’m looking a slob
which is extra bad, now that I lost my job

Then I have to rehash memories
of every way you hurt me

next ponder “if only”‘s and cry over what coulda been
then get pissed all over again

“I’m movin on!” I tell myself with pride
Why, today maybe I’ll even go outside!

and I won’t even cry if I get hit on today…
I wish I could be shallow enough to get laid

But first I should eat, until I can’t move right.
I’ll nap a bit, then I’ll be alright.
I didn’t really want to go out until night.
After all this crying my energy is gone…
Tonight, I’ll start moving on!