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‘Twas a summer not so long ag0,
and a day much like today –
hot and humid but with a light breeze.
As I recline in my chaise,
the sun toasting my skin,
I drift off into the past
and a sweet recollection
stirs my memory……….
It was one of those precious moments
that happens once in a lifetime,
and never again.
I still imagine the sensual embrace,
the release of so many emotions
stored up for much too long.
The sweetness of your lips
caressing mine,
both of us lost in oblivion.
Quite a spectacle to curious onlookers,
but then, perhaps not.
After all, it was an airport lobby,
a place well saturated
with hugs and kisses.
And to this day,
like the Prince of Tides
who could not cross the bridge
without shouting “Lowenstein”,
I cannot think of Chicago
without whispering your name.
The two are forever intertwined,
as are we, no matter
how many years may pass.
For you are my Chicago.