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My Feelings

I’m fast and that’s just me
What I really want I seem to need
Fast feelings is what I see and breathe
Girl I need you in my life
To be
My wife
You see
I’m right
All the time that it took
For me to feel good
Wasn’t wasted
Like it should
Have been
I’m always the loser
Someday I will win
Wait, no
Not through competition
Cause you are no prize
This is true
And I hope you realize
It is
I’m right
I’m always right
But its alright
For you to put up a fight
Just promise that you won’t blind
Me with your love
Cause I couldn’t take it
You are like a jug-
Crashin all my feelings in its way
You won’t stop
Just be gentle
Cause my feelings are all mental
Don’t be so hostile
Treat em like a crystals
And diamonds
Its direct
And hard to digest
In my mind
Just save me from pain
Join me and be mine
I want to wife you
I want to life you
Its like that and ugh
I want it right yeah
I want it right
Don’t fight me off
It’ll be alright
I’m right
I want to put a ring around your brain
And marry your every thought
Its insane
That I have came
To feel for you
But its a shame
That I’m the one to blame
For puttin my feelings in the flame
Of trust
I must
Bad luck
Its lust
They are now burned
It craves the choices
And clashes
With the voices
That are burned
In silence
Its violent
If you could only feel
How vibrant
Its grievant
I used to smell
The sweet scent
Its gone
Its absent
From my mind and from my soul
The flames are gone
Now its cold
I guess this is what I get
For moving to fast
They always told me
It wouldn’t last
Its past
Don’t cast
The first stone
Or else you’ll have to mast-
Being alone
I guess I wasn’t right
You crashed me down for a win
You won this fight
And I lost