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My Past

Lets sit down and have a talk
Ill tell you everything
Open and honestly

Will you judge me?
Yes i know you will
Will you think worse of me?
I dont know but i need to get this out
Off my chest and on to yours

Ill tell you my lies
All the things ive done wrong
All the regrets
The promises
The secrets
The sins……

How does it make you feel?
Angery at me or angery on my behalf
Are you with me or against me
Choose your side now for i cant stand to be let down

Do you think im a bad person
Or just someone whoes had bad things happen to?
Is there a differnce and if so please inlighten me

Im moving on you hear
I refuse to look back
Thoes memories hurt me
I regret them with all my being

But im over it
So over it…
Its the Past
My Past