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My Savior, My Mentor, My Light

To be betrayed
Would never feel nice
It feels like the deceit u feel
Is like a fall on you by that heavy slab of ice

I thought I had it all
Until the time for an experience had come
I was a silly duckling then
Yet to learn lessons, but now grown far from being dumb

It seemed that the world
Was easy but then all mean as it was seen
But it isn’t just one, but more experiences that are needed
To tell you how the world is now, from where It had been

My trust was broken
I was left alone
I felt it like a sudden
break in my backbone

I was left to die
Betrayed by the hands of my so called friend
But that day, the same one from which I was reborn
gave me a mind, steady, grown and all mended

It was first sadness in me
That had sprouted first
When I fell to the ground
And breathed in the dust

But the emotions in me
That kept watering my feelings more
Told myself that a work
Of revenge was then that I bore

But time passed by
And taught me the lesson
That nothing could bring a change
Even if I’d kill him and be a felon

It would rather be great
To start from where I began
Now more cautious and alert
Keeping my eyes steady on the path where before I ran

Its just love and hope
That remains in me
Which was brought in
From a light that had taken me away from misery

From an unexpected time
When he came by
Taking me by His hands, teaching me slowly
And time passed by

Love your enemies
That’s what he said
Now I always keep praying for them
Before I go to bed

And that was the way
Brought by the light
Shown to me, by my greatest mentor
In all my Love, Dear Jesus Christ