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Never Ending Secret Diary (A Palindrome Poem)

Sh…sh…hush-hush forever yearning lost youth
the now old, woman peeping and spying with
Summers of love written clandestinely and
secret drawer… sh…sh… silently opening memories
to ignite teenager of sparkles to aroused heart.
Look! now dancing legs jiving become cursive lines
as comma rests and swings like hammock joy.
Adjectives are descriptions of somersaults
while conjunction reunites craving of love lost.
But gone~~ are memories and whispers of love
with full stop beckoning to rest to wait and hear
to wedding of bells tolling joyously, yet falling tears
are soft sobs, rose of petals flutters dementia,
smudged and lost name of husband gone~~
sh…sh… hush-hush diary opens again tomorrow
dancing legs jiving forever become cursive lines~~


Lines cursive become forever jiving legs dancing
tomorrow again opens diary hush-hush sh…sh…
gone~~ husband of name lost and smudged.
Dementia flutters petals of rose, soft sobs are
tears falling yet, joyously tolling bells of wedding to
hear and wait to rest to beckoning stop full with
love of whispers, and memories are~~ gone, but
lost love of craving reunites conjunction while
somersaults of descriptions are adjectives.
Joy hammock-like swings and rests comma as
lines cursive become jiving legs dancing now. Look!
heart aroused to sparkles of teenager to ignite to
memories opening silently…sh…sh… drawer secret
and clandestinely written love of Summers
with spying and peeping woman old now, the
youth lost yearning forever

Karin Anderson copyright 2010