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New Generation

they say we’ve changed
changed to get better
from necessity
to luxury

but what exactly did we,
get better in?
the world has got so fake, that we’re dependent
even on the smallest of things

our elders say ‘in our days,
we used to plough our fields ourselves’
they look at us with pity, cramped in flats
after we come groaning after a 2 hour walk

sanitation and medication has got better
such that, we just get stuck
to the better medicine,
and give a better life to the pharmaceuticals

flus and poxes, that
haunted the world
have come back again,
to make a point

that we just get worse
when trying to make life easier
cause when we live easy,
we become as soft and dead as a marshmallow

not being able
to resist anything
and bring back
the ghosts of the world

then, when the kids were born with good health
just being vulnerable to the filth outside
but now kids are born with specs,
already weak, an easy prey for the epidemics

if we really were better, the ones who could to the extreme
we could call ourselves The Generation X
but rather now I guess,
we should be called The Generation Totally-Specs