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No Show Snow

Every year as winter approaches,
I always hope and pray
for the snow to fall
on Christmas and New Years Day.
Every year I get disappointed
and all I see is no show snow.
Looking out my window each morning
instead of a picture postcard sight
of everything looking refreshed in white,
all I see is greenery
and water falling from the sky
and another year of no show snow
passes though my life.
However, I will keep singing along with Bing
and dream of a Christmas white.
Maybe one day I will wake up
and there outside my window
everything will look brand new
all covered in a blanket of white.
Until that day comes along,
I’ll have to content myself with the knowledge
of another year with no show snow.

1 January 2010

Author’s Note:
Four days after writing this, we had the worst snowfall in over fifty years where I live. They now predict more snow on the way. So much for my no show snow.