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Notice It Please

She walks by
Like she sees nothing
Though she sees the agony on my face
But it’s not serious
Not important in her eyes
Oh, please all I ask is
An understanding look
Or a smoothing word or two
I know the love you feel for me is strong
But you never take the time to know me fully
I’ve seen a lot
I’m sure, not all
I have my whole life to look
But I’ll never see it all
Neither will you mother
But all I ask from you
Is to see what’s right before your eyes
Those beautiful, experienced eyes
Darkened by a hint of regret
Please admit my pain
And give me a helping hand
Maybe it’s all I need to recover
Maybe it’s not
Maybe I use it as an excuse
Just because I need someone to blame
But I’ll never know
Until you reach out to me
And feel my pain