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old lovers

Old Lovers

If I tell you I love you I do so of self interest
but being with you is better than being alone
so I tell you lies every day and I see your
smile, which warms my heart and I think how
lucky I’m to have found you.

I know very well that had I told you the prosaic
truth you would have been so disappointed and
I hate to see you cry, because you’re the only one
I have met who do not tell me how to behave,
what suit to wear, and I adore you for that.

I know you like to go dancing dressing up and
all those things, and I go with to art places and
pretend to like what I see, but I’m watching you
because you look so lovely when talking about
these things and know I’m a lucky man

Here, the other day you told me we have been
together for fifty years and asked for flowers
but I laughed because time could not run that
fast, I pride myself to have a keen eye and you
look as sweet as on the day I first met you.