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Papa’s Little Girl

I wish I was Papa’s little girl,
I would have someone to hold me close
when I get too scared,
Instead I have to dream about it
It’s so hard to talk about it,
Why can’t it just be true?
Why did you have to leave me papa?
Please come back, can’t I talk to you?

But none of this will happen,
As I sit here and I cry years by past
No Papa to share my feelings with,
Why me god, why?

I am so glad that i got my children here
who care about me and talk too
Since you’re never around

my children helps me when I need them too
You weren’t there when I needed you most,
Not even a little bit.

I think of all my other friends,
Who have their papa by their sides.
It makes me so sad and lone……..
That I just want to come to you

Why, why did you have to leave me?
I think as I laid awake in bed in silent night
All of these terrible thoughts of you
Are tearing through my head and give me pain……
wounder why you left me when i was your sweetest daughter of all……

Sometimes it gets too painful,
As if I’m going to die.
Instead I sit perched on my bed,
Trying not to cry.
I’m trying to forget it now,
I’m trying really hard.
But in my mind I can’t forget,
My heart is far too scarred.

God why do you hate me?
Did I do something wrong?
Why must you keep this pain in me,
For so very long?

Papa when i share words about you to my friends…..
its gives me pain tears roll by itself……
why my eyes do drip the tears out on your name i bow so high Papa

Couldn’t you just take a leave from heaven above
And try to work it through?
I just want too hear those words from you
That say “I love you my sweetest daughter…..
hug me tight and say goodbye….

But none of that is really true,
I hate the way I think of you.
sweet papa i miss you so
As I write this poem
I can’t help myself as tears flow…….
out from my brown cute eyes
I wonder what it would be like

If you would just be here.
Couldn’t you try and love me?
Let’s give it a whirl.
Wouldn’t it be nice if still I could be
Papa’s little girl?

for my papa above in heaven
written by: Ezna Stephna