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we met in a sandwich shop
in the late November sun
two strangers, smiling in
casual conversation
growing deeper, deeper
expending an entire day
in mere seconds

then came kaleidoscopes,
mittens and painted rocks
striking similarities and
the exchange of great books
nights of guitar strumming
and homemade dinner and wine
half-watched movies and
running late to the office
art galleries and sushi and
mingling through city streets
iced mochas and downpours
full moons and ocean waves
slow dancing to patsy cline
and all the old photographs
we’d slowly adore, smiling
and the hundreds we’d create
painting through spectrums
of seas, light, dreaming life
reflecting within your eyes
and drowning in appreciation
of the beauty within our days
smiling in love, yet slowly
realizing the fresh flowers
can’t be replaced, and as
they wilt and die, so do i

and to think
it’s only been one day
as decades drift on by