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Playing House

It all started out as lies
From the first introduction
to the last goodbye.

I have to admit I was drunk as hell
feeling myself, seducing through a radio dating event,
liquid courage and my prowel seduced him to sway my way.

I think it was the comment
“the blacker the berry…the sweeter the juice”
Instantly intoxicated by the sweetness of the juice…Unknown.

Known…is that, I was a liar and a cheater…so was he. Playing House awww that was we.

It went even deeper than you think, the six page ego crushing letters taped on the bronze stairway, I spent hour’s to make gleam, making me feel worst than 3 day white encrusted crap…Dog feces, ya dig.
I have to breathe in and out…sipping to release the unrelenting.

I spoke with you the other day…I thought, I’d feel a twinge of something but I felt…Nothing, giddy at best.

I thank God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that I don’t have contempt for you. What you did…although heinous had nothing on me.

Homie, Lover,My Friend…you taught me along with my father
My WORD is my Bond…
but I’ll never forget that beatin’, upstairs heads up in the closet…
because of your freakin cheatin’

Were on a even playin’ fields…you were no better at what you did, than I. Playing House just wasn’t our forte…I loved our life and our memories.

You are engrained woven inside of my soul…We lived together, Imani and Shabo…. now that was heartfelt Family.

Playing House, Living House….it wasn’t our house it was our HOME.
We were just disfunctional and your love was conditional.

(C) Lana Grissom 5/10