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Please forgive me.

You can be completely forgiven, for all that you have done,
The reason being that God sent His only Begotten Son.
He suffered the pain, the blame and the shame, To show is love for you and for me.

Do you know how much He suffered, before they hung Him on the tree. They called Him names, they spat and cursed.
They nailed His hands His feet, Jesus took it all without a single plea, All for you and me.

It is finished, to his Father, Jesus said, Then He hung His head.
Jesus was dead. God’s love is the greatest that we will ever know,
It’s unconditional he wants us to know. Oh! but then, the third day He rose again.

If you need to thank God, for his Belovered Son, Yes! for what He has done.
Say Jesus forgive me for all of my sins, I believe you are the Son of God, Now You have risen, Please change my life, Fill it up with what its missing.