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Please don’t ask me how I am
In my state, I just might tell you
So you pitch a tent, stake your claim,
And we watch the leaves turn brown

The leaves all fell and you’re still here
My you’re quite persistent
But be fore-warned, I quietly whisper
For I, am not alright

The weeks, the hours, the days
All blend into a haze
My hearings gone, my sight is failing
Lethargy hugs me tight

I volunteer to wake each day
To suckle on poison death
Taste buds gone, throat all burned
My teeth are all a mess

I started the doses rather small
Now the spoon lays by the cup
My antibodies valiantly fought
Then the pitcher I brought out

The dose is now quite lethal
I know that you can see
I guess I should’ve lied
And said that all was well

Now the sun is not so bright
But the clouds are far less dark
I have forgotten, all the pain
I can, no longer feel

The snow is gently falling
Yes, it’s a beautiful day
I think it’s time for me to sleep
And you are on your way