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Questioning Imagination

am i talking to myself?
do i have second mind?
is there something wrong?
or am i really fine?

all these many questions
weird, confusing me
wouldn’t it be far better
if just ordinary or average, i were to be?

too many thing to bother
too many to care about
that if i had any troubles of mine
i’d take it silly, and not let it out

friends would find me different
though, i never tried to whine
they would see that i was weird
and would try their best to know whether i was fine

it is a trait of mine
of being not able to say
its been like that, then
and the same, still today

guess that is why
i’ve for myself, a second mind
to talk whenever i want
and all secrets within, to confide

it seems, some think i’m hard
but im all soft inside
just then when something’s wrong,
i turn hard, and in it all i hide

i just wish i never had to
sit now and question this imagination
if i could open up
and tell these many years’ frustration

but like i said, its my trait
to keep closed on troubles, and hide
all i wish now, is that i could change
and with you atleast, i confide