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Fall fast like rain
Cold place
Cold day
I do for power
In someone else’s place
Their pain
I work for this
It is my job
To secure their freedoms
More like to rob
Me of my thoughts
I am a soldier
But I still sob
It hurts
Things I have done
Things that will come
Glory be to the some Millions
Who have past because of us
We are told to do
What they want and tell us to
It is my obligation
But it doesn’t mean I want to
I am a soldier
But it still hurts
I mold her
In these thoughts
To hold her
She’s gone
Everlasting sessions
It’s colder
I’m frozen
I wonder how they feel
I wonder if it’s real
So far away
In a place surreal
We kill
We hurt
And pause before the thoughts explode
And fill
With traumatizing code
Or I will
Fall like rain
The pain
Of relations
Back at home
Is not the same
Will they see my face again?
They’re wonderin’
Will I see their face again?
I’m wondering
How can they do this to me?
I am stuck here for you
But I still am free
This isn’t fair
How can this be?
Everyone is gone
How can they leave?
What am I to do?
What am I to think?
The thoughts in my head
Are going down the…
Drain out the… …sink?
My family
Where will you be?
When can I see
You all?
Visions of you
Prevent me to fall
Virtue is the son
Which adversity conceived
I keep
Falling out of my…
I keep
Being so brief
Post defined
For me to be publicized
I can’t get it right
Trauma caused from sight
The days are… Dark
From psychological shock
The door, which I walk on
The floor, which I knock on
I lock on it
Stress causes fits
Post traumatic stress disorders it
Reverses it
Omit the first aid kits
But I admit
I learned from it
Cause I commit
Like when rain falls and hits
Soaks the skin
Running down my chin
Reminds me of actions
That I have made in the beginning
Sometimes I wake up
Only to dream
A Nightmare
Is more what it seems