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Remind me again……….

What it was about you
That I found so fascinating –
Was it the mystery
Of an image that seemed
Larger than life to me?
The powerful, raw majesty
Of your poetic words
That blew my mind,
My emotions, my safe little world?

Was it the blind illusion
Born in the mind
Of a soul searching for truth?
Or was it the crazy fantasy
Of something magical,
Like a secret between children
Existing in a make believe world –
A sort of mystical connection
Invisible to everyone else?

Remind me again……….

What it was that resounded
Somewhere deep inside,
Awakening that maternal instinct
To protect and embrace
Your vulnerable nature –
That hidden part of you
Revealed reluctantly
And with great courage,
But only to a few;

What once resounded boldly
Has begun to fade
Within the folds of time
Like an aging photograph
Collecting dust,
Abandoned and forgotten –
I don’t want to lose the memory
Or the wonder of you,
So please……….

Remind me again.