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Seraphic Fate

She lingers under the lemon tree
Savoring pungent disappointment
Eager to soar with the honey bee
Far from the burden of bereavement

Sinew and bone rattle with such great force
Yawping at the void till the voice grows hoarse
Consciousness gasps at such vulgar discourse
She’s cracking the code so she’ll trace the source

Cloistering thoughts occupy her mind
Vexing her pristine angelic face
Honest souls prove treacherous to find
Scrambling demons still give her chase

She wants it all when she’s getting a slice
Passionate use of a learning device
She’s combing the floor in search of the splice
For earning her way into paradise

If justice rules this vast universe
All miracles would favor her quest
I have little doubt she will traverse
Stars shall hold her divinely caressed

She’s dancing languidly upon sunbeams
Covertly hiding from all of her dreams
Abandoning most of those petty schemes
That twist her tortured soul to such extremes

Spellbound by those gleaming jewels azure
Enraptured beyond mundane desire
Proud to befriend a spirit so pure
Precious fuel feeding creative fire