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Serenity at its best

Serenity at its best,
when amity and nature together,
combined with each other,
along with the flow of the soft breeze,
where birds chirping on the branches,
are busy with their conversation,
the hushing sound of the river flowing beside,
with its melodious music,
makes a perfect day,
for the lovers who walk hand in hand,
the dry leaves cover the road,
like a carpet set on the ground,
to embrace the beauty of the nature,
the blooming flowers ready,
to have their favourite date with bees and butterflies,
the mountains guard the nature,
with their armour on,
protecting her beauty to fade away,
the clouds that surround to see her beauty,
shower blessings in the form of rain,
to make her dust free.
These are the mates of nature,
who defenses her,
who hands her the beauty crown,
to make her more serene.