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Sleepwalking on Glass

Sleep, oh man
Time wasted in Dreams
Or fantasies that will never come true
Life doesn’t stand still
It progresses with each moment
A twitch of the eyes
As you turn to a side
So does the clock’s hands
Reality is waiting
A rude awaking
The world as you know it is still the same

Oh In my dreams
I have changed the world
Saved count-less lives
I traveled its face and
Found the meaning of Life
My heart is content when I sleep
For its all in my control

Sleepwalking is what you do
Wrapped up in your blanket of self-comfort
Its just a excuse for not trying…
The World can’t change itself
But change is in the glance of a mirror
Prepare yourself for tomorrow
Open your eyes
For we will all sleep one day
When we are dead
But as for now
Awake up early
Greet the rising sun