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Some Days [Published]

Some days life seems pointless
a pain filled world, without hope

some days having an obsession
seems the only way to cope

Hurt people … hurt people

a bitter disease

love recedes
a world on it’s knees

Hope dissipates
replaced by pain fear and hate
is it too late?


We’re losing our humanity
to a cycle of insanity

Some days I want to kill or cry
I’m haunted by “Why?”
some days I get high
when I want to die

Compassion has become old fashioned
in our “new society”
some days I am overwhelmed by confusion
and I ramble aimlessly

Some days I reach out
I take a hand
I make a stand in a dying land

Some days I see the kindness
instead of all the selfishness hurt and violence
and I have hope for society …

Maybe even me …

Some days