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Splicing Renewal

Craving to flush my vast worries downstream
Memory filters the sludge from the cream
Clutching too tightly to that curdling knot
Such a rancid batch is far from supreme
The only constant is change it would seem
Life springs anew from the festering rot

Prospective dust flakes away in the slough
Even those morbid cells have had enough
Build the new structure upon the decay
The synaptic dance has got the right stuff
Although my ghost smacks a brutal rebuff
The hope that I’ve glimpsed is fleeing away

Another blank screen begging for relief
Excavate rubble to expunge raw grief
Binding cobwebs clear away from my mind
To save the whole plant I pluck the brown leaf
Mounting the moments to pin down that thief
These works in motion shall slow to a grind

Once the cadaver starts gathering moss
Will that displaced soul be ferried across?
The whisper of faith corrupted by doubt
Our random array is far from chaos
A nexus between the prayers and the loss
The tree of life surging up from a sprout

So here I hide within my sheltered rind
Knowing full well I should dump dread behind
The film that I want is missing some reels
I worked on that script until I was signed
Chocked with the turmoil I’d rather not find
My defensive brain has lost all appeals