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Story of My Life

There is a pattern in my life.
It’s not one you’d like to have.
It’s passed down from generation,
I got it from my dad.

Everything I say, also goes for him,
except of course for him more severe.
His are more serious situations,
but mine are not mere.

No matter what I do,
Im looked at as the bad guy.
I could save a life,
but looked at as if I told a lie.

I could give to the poor,
but looked like I stole instead.
This is the story of my life,
now you know what I meant.

Why would people do this?
I don’t have a clue.
I clearly try my best to do good,
but seen by other people as if I have the flu.

I am only doing good.
Yet you see me as evil.
It makes me feel terrible,
as low as a beetle.

So I ask of you, please,
see the good in what I do.
Don’t the see the bad.
Tell me who thinks this. WHO?

NO matter the good I do,
In the end I get screwed.
If I help a friend,
or give someone homeless food.